Free call & text from a private, local phone number
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Free talk and text monthly
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Choose a second phone number

Select a new US/Canada number from an area code of your choice. Your new number is free and never expires, as long as it remains active.

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Text and call in private, for free

Use free credits and your Wi-Fi or cellular connection to call and text. Avoid exposing your real number, preventing spam and unwanted interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost?

Caddy users get 50 free credits every month. Text usage is 1 credit per text sent. Call usage is 1 credit per min.

Users can earn extra free credits by sharing and reviewing the app. In the near future, Caddy users will be able to upgrade to an unlimited call/text plan.

Can I call or text internationally?

Not yet. Although we have plans of supporting international usage, at the moment Caddy is limited to US/Canada numbers/calling/texting.

Is my Caddy number permanent or temporary?

Your Caddy number is permanent as long as it remains active. To keep your Caddy number active, simply send a text or connect a call.

Inactive numbers are reassigned after 14 days. Your texts, contacts and call history are safely stored in your account until a new number is chosen.

What about privacy?

Your information will be kept strictly confidential. We take extra measures to protect your sensitive information by restricting access and encrypting your sensitive personal data.

Can I change or delete my number?

You cannot change a Caddy number once it has been chosen. You can delete your Caddy account through the settings tab. When you delete your Caddy account, you will permanently lose access to all messages, attachments, call logs and voicemails. Additionally, you will no longer be able to send/receive calls or messages and your Caddy number will be lost. Inactive numbers are reassigned to other users after 14 days (But in this case your texts, contacts and call history are safely stored in your account until a new number is chosen).

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